Wednesday, December 2, 2015


A life lived in agony
The pain that never ends
The wounds that never heal
But you wouldn't know

A life lived in agony
Accustomed to discomfort
Putting on a brave face
But I'm really not that brave

Every moment spent in torture
Yet I smile when I can
And when I can't, forgive me
For not having a great smile

A life spent squirming and writhing and moaning
Struggling to move
Struggling to speak
Every morning, exhausted
Every evening, exhausted
All the time, exhausted
Your sympathy, exhausted

And they tore me apart and put me back together
And I came out stronger
Yet somehow, more broken

And they gave me a pill which makes me feel better
While it makes me feel worse
It improves me
It hurts me

And they gave me false prognoses which made me feel better
And made me feel worse
For they should have known better

And you call me inspiring
You call me a hero
But I'm just trying to live
Before I have to die

And I hope I live as long as they say I will
Except when I hope I die
Because this is hardly living

And you call me positive
You call me happy
But I'm just trying to get by
I'm just trying to get through

You think I'm upbeat
You think I'm a beacon
But I'm just searching for the light
In a life full of darkness.

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