Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ten Centiliters

Ten centiliters of water
To quench a mild thirst
But still, you're hungering for something more
As better turns to worse

Ten centiliters of tears
To soak a handful of tissues
But still, your eyes search for something more
Than everybody's issues

Ten centiliters of whisky
I offer you a glass
But still, you insist on feeling the pain
So you politely pass

Ten centiliters of rain
Collecting in your shoes
But still, you amble through the storm
With nothing more to lose

Ten centiliters of blood
Lost from the deepest cut
But still, you bind your broken heart
And kick love in the butt

Ten centiliters of hot tea
Growing colder by the minute
But still, your blood is boiling
As you discover your limit

Ten centiliters of cold sweat
Asleep and yet awake
But still, you rise come daylight
For the day is yours to break.

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