Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Beauty Of The Moment

The beauty of the moment, so real, so sincere
The minute the moment passes, you may not be so dear

But the love we're sharing presently will not be lost to time
It will live on forever as a memory sublime

And moment after moment, a lifetime is built
By living every beautiful moment to the hilt

And letting destiny show us the way
On an ordinary day like today.

The beauty of the moment, so pure and so true
The ultimate beauty you and I ever knew

It takes just a moment for the moment to fade
But a lifetime to wipe away the memory we made

So moment by moment, I'll write out this tale
A story to be always revered without fail

Recognizing the value of what feels right
On an ordinary night like tonight.

The beauty of the moment, never odd, never strange
But bringing about a sudden and profound change

A day like any other, a night as routine
Still, a day and night as gorgeous as we've ever seen

Thus, moment to moment, an existence sustains
Itself though all the hardship, turmoil, and pain

Discerning a path to joy from strife
In an ordinarily extraordinary life.

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