Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Model Minority

Am I The Model Minority?
Do I need to check my privilege?
Or am I not so much privileged as...lucky?

Am I The Model Minority?
And if so, a model of what?
Am I a role model by design?
Or is this just the way I am?

Am I The Model Minority?
Or am I simply getting by...getting through...getting off?

Am I The Model Minority?
Embraced by all colors, but especially white?
Am I even trying?
Can I even help it?

And if I am The Model Minority
So much better off than my peers
Why am I still struggling -- more so than some of them?

Why am I still afraid for my freedom?
For my reputation?
For my life?

Why am I still a stare object?
My appearance a conversation piece?
My name a curiosity?

Why am I too colored to be white
And too white to be colored?

Because I am The Model Minority.

Too much "model" to be "minority" -- too much "minority" to be "model."

Am I really The Model Minority???
Or am I the imperfect entirety?
No less, no more, and different.

I am NOT The Model Minority.

Who is?

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