Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Nothing Man

The nothing man looks into the mirror and sees no one there.
Looks at all his friends and finds that they don't care.
Your heart is love, his mind is hate.
Don't try to save him, it's too late.
Too long he's had this cross to bear.
The nothing man hopes and prays for all the love he needs and wants.
The joy, the fun, the pleasure everyone else flaunts.
Don't worry, just enjoy your ride
Don't let his pain hurt you inside.
He's seething, acting nonchalant.
The nothing man opens up his heart and gets it closed again.
Opens up his mind but narrows it back when
He sees and hears what cruelty
Replaced the love that used to be.
He's had it better, he pretends.
The nothing man looks into your eyes and sees a stare so cold
Looks into your face and does not find a soul.
You have nothing to offer him
His light's gone out, and you've gone dim.
He'll keep his weakness and not be bold.
The nothing man knows of his intelligence but feels a fool.
Doesn't give a damn about the golden rule.
The world has done too much to harm
His sense of fairness, don't be alarmed
Just watch him spiral down the pool.
I am the nothing man.
You laugh at me because you can.
But you will never understand
The nothing man.

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