Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Idiots

It's the moment of truth, the spotlight is on
It's just you and the idiot on stage
And the idiot harasses you and calls it a good time
While you're out for a good time and being harassed.

It's the sound of the hammer as it drops on your head
It's just you and the idiot before you
And the idiot keeps asking you all the wrong questions
And judging you for giving all the right answers.

It was a new beginning, but it's now beginning to end
It's just you and the idiot across the table
And the idiot once represented a world of promise
But now the idiot promises to overturn your world.

It's a moment for decision, a time to make a stand
It's just you and the idiot in charge
And the idiot makes you question what constitutes good fortune
As you utter the words, "I quit!"

It's the time to check all egos; still, they remain oversized
It's just you and the idiot on your screen
And the idiot hurls invective and you return the favor
Until you sink as low as the idiot's level.

It's a ring on your phone, a knock on your door
It's just you and the idiot called your kin
And the idiot reminds you that blood is thicker than water
But leaves you thirsting for a glass of something stronger.

It's another useless hassle, another waste of time
It's just you and the idiot on the street
And as you attempt in vain to match wits with the witless
You remember you have options -- and you walk away.

For you're better than the idiots; you deserve better as well
And you cannot let the idiots turn your paradise into hell.

The idiots are everywhere, they cannot be avoided
But their foolish words and actions can most certainly be voided.

The idiots will get you down anytime they can
But you don't let them get you down because you have a plan.

The ones who understand you, and who take the time to try
The ones who, if you had the chance, you never would pass by...

They're the ones who matter, and with all that they are giving
They're the only ones who help you make your life worth living.

The idiots are not your friends, nor will they ever be
And now that you know better, you can finally break free.

So here's to all the ones who bring you more than a mere pittance
And to the idiots, what can you say but...good riddance!

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