Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hate For You To See Me

I'd hate for you to see me -- the failure I've become.
Sitting at this desk, cheap whiskey in one hand, pen in the other, glare of the computer screen full of images which cannot rescue me.
The success you made me is a success long-gone.
The faith you had in me is nowhere to be seen.
The trust you put in me left when you did.
But I don't begrudge you for leaving -- you had to go where your path took you.
And, I thought I had to do the same -- but where is my path taking me?
What is my path without you?
So now you're back.
And you say you miss me.
But you don't.
You miss the success you made me.
And that's not the "me" I am tonight.
Tonight I am low.
Oh, you've seen me when I was low -- but never this low.
And you could always pick me up -- unlike now.
No, there are no doors left for you to open for me.
For your path has led you to new things in new places.
And that's all I want -- a new start.
I don't ask for my former glory.
I don't ask for the good old days.
I just ask for a better today, and an even better tomorrow.
And for once, you can't help me with either.
So I'd hate for you to see me -- the failure I've become.
And I'd hate for me to see you -- for you'd help me if you could...
but we both know you can't.

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