Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Interloper

You are the new face in my life
The new name on my lips
The new voice in my ear.
But who are you?
Nobody really knows.
I want to bring you into my world -- but you don't belong in my world.
So why do I belong in yours?
And how?
The line between us is easily crossed...but sharply drawn.
And no matter how you get to me
No matter how you inspire me
No matter how you move me
You'll always be the outsider.
The intruder.
The interloper.
Getting to me...but not my people.
Inspiring leave behind the ones who were already here.
Moving me...perhaps in the wrong direction. 
Maybe you mean no harm. 
But you're destructive.
You're destroying the unity in my universe.
You're upsetting the balance in my life.
No -- I cannot let you. I WILL NOT LET YOU! 
For I have room in my life for someone to care for like I care for no other
But I have no room in my life for an outsider

An intruder

An interloper.

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