Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Silent Man

You are accused
You don't claim innocence
You don't claim guilt
You claim...nothing.

Your hired mouthpieces dismiss
Your PR specialists deflect
And you remain the silent man.

How dare I ask you for a statement?
How dare I ask your perspective?
You badger and belittle me for seeking the truth
Or at least for seeking balance.

The court of public opinion has ruled against you
In case you haven't noticed.

You haven't noticed.

For the idol
The icon you used to be:

Mr. Wonderful
Mr. Superior
Was a mere illusion.

Now, we all know
And we're disappointed
But not surprised.

And as the accusations intensify
And the number of accusers grows
You still remain the silent man.

And as your silence speaks louder than words
The public turns increasingly against you

As you try vainly to protect an image long gone.

And as your glory slips away from you
Your legacy obliterated

You remain, even now, the silent man.

Don't speak, silent man --
We know everything we need to.

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