Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Star

I love your sound!
Your voice, what a voice!
And your look -- oh, such a look!
You, my friend, are a star!
I love you!

Just one thing...those songs.
Yes, the ones you wrote.
I know, your heart and soul and all that.
I've got something more...commercial for you.
You know, radio-friendly.
No, no -- don't worry about your image.
We'll tell people YOU wrote it..."singer/songwriter" and all.

Hey, another thing...the hair.
And, uh...those clothes.
No, your face will still be the same.
Just a few...minor adjustments.

Alright, now let's run through this number -- don't forget those moves I taught you!

No, use the moves.

I'm telling you, just standing there is NOT SEXY.
You wanna be sexy, don't you?

Okay, good...you're using the moves I taught you...you're singing the song I gave you...

Hold it!

The way you're singing that -- yes, I know it's "your style," but...
Well, let me sing it for you.

No, you obviously don't know how to sing, so LET ME TEACH YOU!

No, no, I mean it:
I love you!

I just wanna make you better.

I'm here to help.

Now, you heard how I sang that song?

Good, now sing it exactly the way I sang it.

No, don't change a single thing.


I think you're ready.

And again, my friend...




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