Sunday, December 18, 2016


You're so unique!
You're so uniquely mundane.
Ripped from the pages of every textbook
Believing you are unconventional.

You're so brilliant!
You're so brilliantly stupid.
Your mind simple and narrow like a bamboo skewer
Believing you deserve not to be skewered.

You care so damn much!
You care so damn much about your ego.
You own opinions, your own ideas, your own experiences
Believing you care for the sake of caring.

You're such a good person!
You're so good at being a bad person.
Standing for all the right things in all the wrong ways
Believing you're so damned compassionate.

You're so fucking special!
Your smile lights up the solar eclipse!
Your voice grants hearing to the deaf!
Your armpits smell like lilacs!
You're so fucking special, I just can't stand you.

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