Sunday, December 18, 2016


Go through the motions
According to the program
Do what you've been conditioned to do
Like walking or talking or taking a shot of whisky
Make that a double while you're at it

And be the automaton
The brainless machine
Masquerading as nature's creation
While you act and react but never stop to think
Is there anything more to you than this?

Open up your mouth and spew nonsense
As long as what comes out are actual words
Open up your mouth and insert a glass of wine
And another and another and as much as you can stand

And be the automaton
The mindless device
Pretending to be made of flesh and bone
While you do, one thing you never do is stop to consider
What are you if nothing more than this?

Grab another bottle of beer
Drop the bottle, spill the beer
How did you even manage to open it?
Oh, I forgot: you're not human
You're a machine
In a condition only a human could know

Don't be an automaton
A soulless contraption
When we know you have a soul and a heart
For you cannot fool us as you make a fool of yourself
There is too much more to you than this.

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