Sunday, December 18, 2016

Last Moves

One by one, I watch pillars fall
Until I have no support at all.
Another after another, I watch bridges burn
No new destination; no way to return.

Piece by piece, puzzles come apart
And I lumber like a workhorse without a cart.
Ray after ray, the sun's blinding light
Illuminates how much we've all lost sight.

Drop by drop, I see tears from the clouds
But somehow, my umbrella feels more like a shroud.
Malady after malady, we turn health into hell
Until not even heaven's residents feel well.

Flicker by flicker, the stars all disappear
And the dark we've created leaves us all in fear.
Alarm after alarm points six feet underground
But we cover our ears when each alarm sounds.

Challenge by challenge, we remain static
So instead of the vanguard, we dwell in the attic.
Denial after denial, I no longer ask why
Too young, too ready, too eager to die.

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