Sunday, August 17, 2014

Change of Life

32 is just a number, unless it's your age
And you're starting anew.
"Can't things be different," you ask?
But that's the problem.
Things need to be different.

For you ask yourself, time and time again: "Can't I go back to the way things were?
The same old job, the same old places, the same old life?"
But no...
The way things were was not, is not the way things ought to be, the way things need to be.

So you wait...
For something new, or someone new

To inspire you.
To motivate you.

To make you feel destined rather than doomed.
To get you to rejoice rather than resign.

Meanwhile, you stress -- until you can stress no more.
You care -- until you stop caring.
You ponder -- only to find you already had it figured out.

Yes, you know...but when will the universe catch up?

This life is too precious to give up...yet too fragile to live.

That bottle of wine might as well be water.
The whiskey only a liquid sleeping pill.
For you know you can't drink yourself away from the challenge before you.

You leave town, but your town doesn't leave you.
You leave yourself behind...but wherever you go, you follow.

So you forge ahead
With a greater sense of direction than ever...
...and more directionless than ever.

Pass me that pen and paper.

It's gonna be a long night.

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