Monday, August 7, 2017

New Neighbors

The house next door has gone from noisy to noisier
The rest of them have gone from nosy to nosier
And I'm still sitting on my front step
Slowly choking on my Scotch.

The house next door has gone from crowded to packed
The rest of them remain as full and as empty
And I'm still recalling when I used to beam
With pride to say I lived here.

The smells of cigarettes, tobacco and weed
And the restaurant you couldn't pay me to patronize
And the whole block's garbage in the summer heat
Don't stink as much as my life.

Freshly-mowed lawns soon to be overgrown
Freshly-washed clothes soon to be stained and sweaty
Freshly-cooked meals soon to lead to new hunger
Freshly-inspired me soon to lose motivation.

The house next door has changed from discord to dysfunction
The rest of them have changed from static to stagnant
Just like I'm still withering on my front step
Running out of Scotch to choke on.

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