Friday, August 19, 2016

Perfectly Matched

To him, a woman was always a plaything
And she was all too happy to let him play her

To her, a man was always beneath her
And he was happy as long as she was on top

But she never knew how to respect a man
And he never knew how to respect a woman
So they never knew how to love each other
For what the hell is love without respect?

To him, she was another notch in his belt
And the notch was pleased each time he removed his belt

To her, he was another means to an end
As long as he had the means, she enjoyed the end

But she never truly appreciated a man
And he never truly appreciated a woman
So they never truly loved each other
For without appreciation, what is love?

To him, she is just another memory
Another hazy blur in his feeble, cluttered mind

To her, he is just another mistake
Another grotesque blemish on her vastly subpar record

And she'll never truly love the next man
And he'll never truly love the next woman
For they're too deeply in love with themselves
To know what it means to truly love

So she'll mourn for everything they could have been
And he'll mourn for everything they got to be
And when the mourning ends tonight, the night will bring another morning
And together, they shall lie in the darkness.

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