Sunday, February 7, 2016

I'm Fascinated

I'm fascinated by the words you say
I'm fascinated that a single thought of you can make my day.

I'm amazed by every little feeling
I'm amazed that a single touch of you can be so healing.

I'm fascinated by the way a gentle tap
Can pull me back when I'm about to snap.

I'm in awe of the way one kind embrace
Can brighten the expression on my face.

I'm fascinated by one little kiss
I'm fascinated that one little kiss can bring such bliss.

The comfort that I feel just being near you
The comfort that it brings to see or hear you.

I'm fascinated that a simple, wordless gesture
Can soothe me more than anyone can measure.

I'm fascinated by the glow you've painted on me
I'm fascinated by the light you shine upon me.

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