Sunday, October 4, 2015

After And After Hours

My life is in this bag
And these pockets
I will not go home tonight
For tonight I have no home

The road before me is scary yet inviting
The day ahead of me full of challenges
But I'm ready

There's no rest for the weary
Or the crazy

The former, I definitely am
The latter, I've probably always been

And some might think me crazy tonight
My life carried on my shoulders
And in these jeans
My wandering spirit refusing to let me be a prisoner
Of four walls holding a human-made hell

Some might think me crazy as I run
Not merely from agony
But to freedom

Some might think me crazy not to settle for the unacceptable
"The inevitable," they might say...

In that case, sanity is overrated

For here is my life
In these pockets
In this bag
Flowing from this pen to this paper

And here I am

And here I go.

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